KUNSTRAUM – Munich: The Hyper Supper, Oct. 2018

solo show – collective show – performance THE HYPER SUPPER a performance sculpture on the present future 1 philosopher, 11 dinner guests and 1 artificial intelligence meet in a sci-fi situation room for a posthuman menu. a data leak streams video images in a projection room. for discussion is: what is the human in a […]


CY-BORN/THE CY-BORNS Cy-borns are entities from outer space. They occur from time to time, indifferent to humans and present in the future. Concept: see here Performances: see here Simone Egger on Cy_born: go here  On facebook: here

HYPO-KUNSTHALLE: …im Strom der Echtzeit, 2015

solo-show   collective show   performance MUSCHELWERK IM STROM DER ECHTZEIT Rokoko und das digitale Zeitalter/ Rococo and the Digital Age Video-Performance (35′ min) by “Professionelle Ö f f n u n g s z e i t e n” DROHNE: Johannes Evers EXPERIMENTELLE MUSIK: Ulrich Müller CY-BORN + CONCEPT: Christina Maria Pfeifer PICTURING + DOKU: Mirei […]

HAUS DER KULTUREN DER WELT – Berlin: Houston, Tranquility Base here, 2011

solo-show – collective show –  performance HOUSTON, TRANQUILITY BASE HERE…/ HOUSTON, HIER BASIS IM MEER DER RUHE…  video-installation @ Der Traum vom Fliegen – The Art of Flying curated by Thomas Hauschild and Britta N. Heinrich Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin 2011 (Photos: Sebastian Bolesch)   model of exhibition room: auditorium HKW   <en> […]


solo-show – collective show – performance FROZEN HOTSPOTS curated by Eleonora Di Erasmo manipulated press photos; The Vests; Guantanamo Protocol Galeria HYBRIDA contemporanea, Rome, 2009 <eng> Iconic Turn – subversively Christina Maria Pfeifer observes her Bavarian compatriot, Joseph Ratzinger, currently Pope, and shows how the man pales behind his own shadow and his stylish little […]