The Hyper Supper, 2018 – Kunstraum München

participatory performance with live-stream

Twelve human participants and one AI meet in a sci-fi room for supper to discuss the present future. A posthuman menu is served, the philosopher Armen Avanessian gives a dinner speech, and the Cy_born alien-heads act on the dinner guests. The discussion is unsupervised but live-streamed to the web, where the virtual audience can interact with the participants via comments and posts.
The project was supported by the Steiner Foundation, the Cultural Department of the City of Munich, and SoNet e.V. It took place at Kunstraum München/Germany on Oct. 18th/20th, 2018.

Participants and Team: Alexa, Armen Avanessian, Post Brothers, Miro Dittrich, Ronja Mira Dittrich, Émilie Gendron, Marc Lindlbauer, Michaela Melián, Andrea Mozer, Katrin Petroschkat, Volker Riegger, Daniela Stöppel, Terry Swartzberg (dinner guests), Vincent Fricke (cook), Kristin & Lydia (cook’s team), Sophie Charlotte Bombeck, Sara Manfredi (artist assistants), Devi Seeliger (photographer), Christina Maria Pfeifer (concept/ visual art).

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posthuman dinner             
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