WIR 11.0 – A Digital Ecology, 2017 – bubble geometry on paper à 84,1×59,4cm (mixed media)
From left to right: Birth, Diagram, Form, Intersections, Bubbling, Hybridizations, Cosmic Dimension

WIR 11.0 is the science fiction of a digital ecology in the form of a bubble geometry. Seven different images tell the story of an ethno-futuristic future and the creation of a digisphere in space. Inspired by Donna Haraway’s string figure, the conceptual idea of this work is to tell a sci-fi story in a different way than with letters/ language. The bubble geometry developed combines aspects of the visualisation of statistics and the set theory with drawing, pictogram and collage. The seven works have a logical link and are free style as well. Humans likewise nonhuman algorithms should be able to read the story according to their own understanding.

DIAGRAM The bubbles in the Diagram arrange eleven posthuman (ethnological) groups of the future. Position and shape of the bubbles tell a story about the WIR 11.0 wordling. The drawing captures only a momentum of the transhuman process and how the posthuman groups transact: Big Data, Robots/ Androids, Bugs, Embryos, Ex-Mankind, The Cyborgs, The Augmented, The Hyperconscious, The Cosmomigrants, Exoplanet and Aliens.
INTERSECTIONS The bubbles in Intersections stand for the same posthuman ethnological groups mentioned. The momentum of the worlding is the same like in the previous image. This drawing emphasises how often the bubbles intersect, the darker the more often. Six different ethnological groups intersect in the darkest place, for instance: Big Data, Bugs, Embryos, Robots/Androids, The Cyborgs, and The Cosmomigrants. Imagine, how this sort of transhumans would look like resulting from such a mix!
HYBRIDIZATIONS The bubbles in Hybridizations continue in the same logic of the WIR 11.0 worlding like in the previous images. This drawing however inserts a series of pictograms developed for the respective futuristic ethnological groups. Ex-Mankind –for example– is a figure within a circle that becomes the head of The Hyperconscious, Cyborgs and Augmented, in distinctive shapes. The different colours indicate a futuristic ethnological attribute: organic (black), electronic (blue), transhuman (red), nonhuman (neon).