Mapping the Spaceland 2.01, 2013 – convolute of 120 drawings on scetchbook pages à 43×27,9cm (oil, carbon, graphite, grease, ball-pen, heat)
260cm x 560cm

In the 120 drawings, six central motifs are viewed from different perspectives: the planet earth, the speech bubble, the satellite communication and spheres, the spacewalker and the fin, the swarm and the letter combination: Kap – It – All.  Abstracted from the motifs mentioned above, the work focuses on structure and focus as well as on chaos and de-focus. As with the flood of pictures on the internet, Mapping the Spaceland 2.01 is overwhelmed by a mass of forms and shadings, which, thanks to the uniform format, reminds the coordinate system of a cartography.  Abstract by Judith Csiki, 2015