Transfungal Ensemblage

We are transdisciplinary posthuman animals, meeting once in a week, to collectively study, perform, read, explore, tentaculate, experiment and intertwine the mystery of mycelium. In particular, we are looking for the micro-biological perspective, the potential of new material, for a nonhuman intelligence resonating with artificial intelligence, and for a post-capitalist production process as a process of posthuman becoming.

Our background is the visual and performing arts, social science, herbal and textile studies, feature writing and storytelling, and the exploration of artificial neural networks. We consider ourself as a hybrid incubator with open interfaces to other groups, incubators, networks, researches, practitioners, and likewise posthuman animals who share the fascination for the mycelium.

Our weekly practice starts with a physical exercise: we string figure our collective senses and mindfulness towards each other and the subject to emerge and we end up with an intertwined sculpture. We then read and study “Mind the Fungi”, published in 2020 by Vera Meyer and Regine Rapp on their two years art and science project at art laboratory, Futurium Berlin. Our thinking, discussion, reflection, and discoveries are processed into three dimensional tableaus documenting the happening of our weekly encounters.

In the next step we will experiment with the vital mycelium as a nonhuman collaborator to create an (art?) object and to explore the intra-active becoming. In parallel we will contact partners in the field of microbiology, artificial intelligence/ computer science and new material cultures to form working groups.

In May 2021, we strated to connect with Pilzwerkstatt from TU Berlin.

Katrin Seiler & Chrismaria Pfeifer (initiators from Munich, GER)