Link List

This link list shares a part of my on-going research and is updated from time to time. It includes the categories: Critical Theory (CT), Performance (P), Art (A), Science (SC).

(CT) Donna Haraway and Anna Tsing, April 2019 “Unblocking Attachment Sites for Living in the Plantationocene”

(CT) Donna Haraway and Vinciane Despret. Phonocene, CCCB 2020

(CT, SC) Hybrid Talks #41 – Natur, 2021

(SC) Über die Galaxie zum Nobelpreis, Reinhard Genzel im Gespräch mit Ursula Heller, 2021

(SC) Mind the Fungi – Art Laboratory Berlin and the Institute of Biotechnology, 2018-2020

(CT) Tobias Rees – the h.project, 2019

(CT) Tobias Rees – An Anthropology of Microbes, 2016

(P) On Pina Bausch Method – Tanztheater

(A, SC) Nathalie Miebach – Translating Science Data into Sculpture, Installation and Musical Scores

->Harvey Twitter SOS (score built of weather and twitter data sent during Hurricane Harvey)

(CT) Karen Barad – Troubling Time/s, Undoing the Future, 2016

(A) Ursula K. Le Guin – Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction

(CT) Rosi Braidotti – Planetary Alliances – Zollverein, 2020

(A, P) Liza Lim – Composer of “How Forests Think”

->On the composition

->How Forests Think, work for sheng and ensemble, 2016

(A, SC) Open Weather Community

->Sasha Engelmann

(CT) Eduardo Viviero de Castro, 2015/2013 – The Ends of the World

(CT) Warum wir alle Familie sind – Donna Haraway and Karen Harrasser, 2020

(CT) Tobias Rees – Notes on Nature (Thinking the Human in Terms of the Non-Human), 2020

(CT) Karen Barad – Feminist Theorie Workshop Keynote, 2014

(A, SC) Evolution of the Human, Art in the Age of AI and Synthetic Bio, 2019 Agnieszka Kurant, Tobias Rees, et. al.

(CT) Donna Haraway – Story Telling for Earthly Survival Documentary by Fabrizio Terranova, 2016

(CT, SC, A) »Critical Zones« Discussion of the Film »Storytelling for Earthly Survival« Bruno Latour and Donna Haraway at ZKM, 2020

(A, P) Gaia Projekt – Opera

(SC) On Octopus Color Change

(A) Transart Institute

(CT) Rosi Braidotti – Memoirs of a Posthumanist, 2017

(P) Damien Jalet, Choreographer

->Omphalos (trailer) (longer piece) (sequence)

->On: “Dance and Fashion”

->Les Méduses

->The Ferryman (trailer)

->Transaquania – Into Thin Air

(P)Yoann Bourgeois, Choreographer

(SC, P) Movement of Plants

->Systemic Visualization

(P) Netherlands Dans Theater – Silent Tides – Medhi Walerski

(P) Butoh – After the Horror

(P) Yabin Wang & Sidi Larbi Cherkaui – Genesis

(P) Meytal Blanaru – Aurora

(P) James O‘Hara – Ondos do Mar

(P) Akram Khan and Sidi Larbi – Zero Degree

(P) Butoh

(P) Umusuna Butoh

(CT) Emanuele Coccia – Etre Human, Nature, Métamorphose, 2020

(CT) Emanuele Coccia – Silent-Listen The Silent Language of Seeds, 2020