Non-/ Post-Human Ecosystems of Knowledge

The Non-, Post-Human Knowledge group is a semi-closed interdisciplinary group of exchange, discussion, critics on the different expressions of the Non- & Post-Human as well as the different practices to investigate and expressing it. The group seeks to develop methodologies of collective exploration, collective knowledge production and especially relating to the topics of the Non- and Post- Human, we want to address and challenge the western and academic driven practices of othering and anthropomorphism.

The group started online in April 2020 during the first Covid-19 wave and has been multi-located. The core is formed of about 6 regular participants with a transdisciplinary background as: artist, political economist, computer scientist, geographer, landscape architect, performer, sound artist, and biophysicist.

We cultivate high intellectual exchanges within a personal, intimate, process rather than production-oriented format. For this reason, we ask a bit of commitment to the participants. You don’t have to come to every session, but at least has the wish and try to join regularly.

The group had been a lot about practicing listening and building trust and intimacy in a digital environment.

The group was part of the online symposium “Magical Cohabitations” of Akademie Schloss Solitude, in March 2021, and participated in offering different formats such as reading group, podcast, meditation, and awareness tour.

Aouefa Amoussouvi, 2021 (Initiator of the Group)